Tradition & Passion 

Our Short History


Crue (pronounced krewe)= a group of people who ride in, create, and execute parties. The very definition of Crue’s Confections is to create enjoyment for others. Crue’s Confections and Catering is a boutique bakery and catering company located in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Run by owner and baker, Mighan Johnson, Crue’s has been open and operating for several years.

Mighan fell in love with cooking and baking at a very young age.After getting degrees in Mass Communication, she decided to follow her passion and start her own bakery. Crue’s is named after the bakery’s personal tastetester and Mighan’s son, Gaston Crue v… At Crue’s Confections we’re inthe business of making your cake and catering dreams come true!! Come in and join da crue!!!

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